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Filling Machine and Its Importance

A filling machine is a type of equipment that is used to measure the content of a product by some predefined values, including the mass, volume, and type of container. After taking the measurement, it proceeds to the packaging of the product by filling the container. The use of filling machines are considered important in the aspect of cleanliness, cost effectiveness, efficiency and accuracy. You can be assured of the cleanliness in the preparation of the medicine with filling machines, as it is less possible for this machine to catch and transfer germs than when the human hands are used. These machines also guarantee efficiency and accuracy in the product since it is capable of doing the correct measurement of each component of a medicine. It is also considered cost effective because it can do tasks done by a number of employees. With this machine, you hire less number of employees and still get satisfactory number of tasks done. Not only do you save money, you also save time.

Different Types of Filling Machines

Powder Filling Machines. This machine is primarily used to fill containers with free flowing and non free flowing powders. Also known as auger filler and powder dozing machine, this machine is capable of filling 1gm to 5000gm of powder to its specific container. Powder filling machine is important in pharmaceuticals because this kind of filling machine is accurately filling high value pharmaceutical powders.

Liquid Filling Machine. This is widely used to bottle liquid products especially in pharmaceuticals. However, most of these machines perform multi tasks, not only centered on bottling liquids. Most of these machines also do the capping, washing, or rubber stoppering. Liquid filling machines effectively transfer liquid into the container without wastage and with the proper quantity of product. Giving the right amount of medicine is vital in pharma industries, and this machine can efficiently do the job.

Bottle Filling Machine. Bottles are most useful in different ways. They can store different types of liquids such as drugs, beauty products, chemicals, and drinks. Filling these stuff in bottles is a taxing job, since you have to make sure that each container has the same amount of content. Here enters the importance of a bottle filling machine, with accuracy and convenience considered.

Vial Filling Machine. This has the capacity to fill injectable liquid into vials and are commonly used in pharmaceutical, ophthalmic, and biotech industries. It automatically fills vials with predefined quantity and the vials are automatically released right after it is filled. The machine ensures that no vial goes to the next section unfilled.

Ampoule Filling Machine. This machine fills ampoules as well as vials. Its speed varies according to the kind of technology used. High quality ampoule filling machines only need minimal maintenance and could last a long time.

Conclusion: New technology continues to evolve, a number of improvements and features are added to filling machines. Most machines have advanced adaptability, durability, speed, and reliability. Some filling machines are capable of multi-tasking (filling, capping, labeling) which gives more convenience to the user.

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